It’s Time To Ask Smarter Questions: Print

A smarter planet isn’t an abstract or theoretical place.  It’s very real and people are building it today by asking the right questions or what I.T. can do.  Questions that push the conversation beyond the technical benefits of systems to how those benefits can be applied in the real world. 

This initiative won a gold Effie.

It's Time To Ask Smarter Questions: Outdoor 

With Oracle’s foray into workload-optimized systems, we decided to strategically surround the Oracle Open World event in San Francisco and asked the most critical questions that Oracle customers will inevitably encounter. Many of the outdoor pieces featured JagTags enabling users to instantly receive a video-based answers directly on their cell phones. 


Lets Build A Smarter Planet: Print

The IBM Smarter Planet campaign is about demonstrating how intelligent and instrumented our world had become. Things like cars, appliances, roadways, power grids, clothes, even natural systems such as agriculture and waterways are all affected by software. Here’s some work that I’ve contributed to this award-winning campaign.


IBM Capabilities: Print

The IBM Capabilities campaign is all about demonstrating that a smarter planet is a very real place where companies, governments and individuals are achieving real results using IBM software and systems. The print work features beautifully crafted visualizations or real data that help bring the power of software to life.


A full page message to our “friends” at Oracle.