White hats wanted

The number of cyberattacks against the United States has risen 1300% in the past 10 years. To defend American energy grids, nuclear facilities and other infrastructure from a new kind of enemy, the U.S. Army needs a new kind of recruit: the very few Americans with elite hacking skills. To do that, we played on the desire of those in the hacking community to prove their prowess.

Hidden in a seemingly normal TV commercial was a coded message that only the people we wanted to engage with could recognize. Those who did were challenged to hack our site and prove they have the goods.

The effort drew more than 700,000 hacking attempts in the first 3 months, and was tough enough to weed out the 99% who lack the necessary skills. Of those who were successful, 30% contacted U.S. Army Cyber Command directly; a conversion rate 15x the Army’s Average.

real footage campaign

Sometimes, the best way to tell an Army story is to get out of the way and let Soldiers tell it themselves. In the following campaign, we introduce our audience to Soldiers using their own social media posts.

In the Army, everything is earned—including a bonus of up to $40,000.

Recruitment Anthem

The following recruitment campaign was designed to appeal to college graduates. The goal was to create something heartfelt while demonstrating just how multifaceted the Army actually is.

“I became a soldier” sparks a social movement

The recruitment anthem video sparked an organic social movement with active and retired soldiers proudly displaying “I became a soldier” signs and posting the images on Facebook.

“Tunnel” Campaign

The following campaign, shot by Peter Berg, features a squad of U.S. Army soldiers preparing to storm the field as if running into a football game.  This is the most important team they'll ever be a part of, but not everyone can make the cut.