In honor of International Women’s Day, we placed a statue of a young girl standing defiantly in front of the bull on Wall Street. “The Fearless Girl” is a symbol  of female leadership  reminding people that companies with women in management positions perform better.

State Street Global Advisors is committed to advocating for women in leadership positions. One year ago, they created the SSGA Gender Diversity Index called SHE: An ETF that invests in companies with gender diverse leadership. On the anniversary of the SHE fund, we took this commitment one bold step further with our Fearless Girl. 

Fearless Girl received 18 Gold Lions including four Grand Prix trophies, and the coveted Titanium Grand Prix — only the second ad campaign to ever do so.



While others portray a false sense of ease, SSGA isn’t afraid to acknowledge that the world of investing may be complicated but opportunities are still there for the taking. “There’s opportunity in complexity” is a campaign that invites audiences to see the world through the eyes of someone working at SSGA. Suddenly, hidden market factors and trends become obvious and lead to innovative solutions that only SSGA can deliver. Put simply, the difference between SSGA and other financial institutions is the difference between black and white and color.


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