Before there were smartphones or smart cities, before autonomous cars or 360° virtual reality videos, there was Qualcomm technology. Qualcomm inventions are the foundational technologies that others build upon—inventing new industries and applications that have global impact. From 5G to artificial intelligence, from IoT to automotive and extended reality applications, Qualcomm is inventing the technologies that make it all possible. 

Our goal: Remind people that before it becomes technology the world knows and loves, it starts with Qualcomm.



Qualcomm partners with the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team to develop new connected car technologies that enhance the team's performance. In the following campaign, Qualcomm inventions are improving Lewis Hamilton’s performance both on and off the track, inspiring Lewis to have a few ideas of his own.




Animatign 5G: The series

5G might be one of the most important technological breakthroughs of the 21st century, but it’s tough to explain. So rather than having a bunch of engineers explain 5G to our audience, we animated them and their ideas instead. Watch as some of Qualcomm’s leading minds bring to life the concepts, details, and innovations related to 5G.